Best small business bookkeeping in Austin. Cannot recommend enough!! Jennifer knows what she’s doing and will guide, stride and ride out the waves of business with you.
She is what is keeping me from just stuffing money in my mattress at home.

From Arielle F.

Jennifer really bent over backwards to assist me and took time out of her busy day to help me over lunch with Quickbooks.  I would highly endorse and recommend her to anyone seeking a competent professional with quick answers at a fair price.

From Brian Storrer – Coast-to-Coast Recruiters

Efficient, accurate and focused! You definitely need to check out this business!
Thank you Jennifer…

From Kris K.

And as always thank you SO MUCH for all your help! So appreciated ☺

From Nicole F

I really want to take a moment to say thank you for all your effort. I realize the mess you had to clean and I appreciate it.

From Chuck H

Thanks for all of your hard work. You are amazing Jennifer. Thanks so much!

From Virginia Q

We cannot thank you enough for not only your hard work in helping us transition to the new QuickBooks account but also the great attitude you have towards any QB challenge. You are just SUPER AWESOME! Thank you for just being fun to work with.

From Shirley and LeeAnn

I’m so grateful that we met this year and really appreciate how you’ve stayed on top of things and allowed me to focus on the things I do best.

From Brian N

You have become a big asset to us. Thanks for being on top of it. Thank you for helping us get situated. You have made my life so much easier this year.

From Nikki C

Thanks so much for your time, so excited to be working with such a capable professional.

From Teri B

Thanks Jennifer. We appreciate all the work you’ve done.

From Rosemary N

I’m so glad to give you my business. You are wonderful!

From Neil G

You are a ROCK STAR! Thank you thank you!!!!

From Jeff E


From Robert

Call Jennifer at Every Penny Counts. She is the real deal and very dependable. I just email time for my business on payroll and then she handles the direct deposit to each persons account so there are no actual paychecks. I have given her access to my bank and CC accounts and she pops out a P+L every month that shows what kind of money we are making along with graphs to show you what your big expenses are. She is really awesome. Good people are hard to find and I like to share the good ones.

From John