Most small business owners are specialized in a service or sales of product and have concerns about finances. Due to this specialization and diversity of businesses, EPC serves each client differently as to their individual needs. Some clients need only bookkeeping, some need bookkeeping and payroll, and others need much more. The same with financial reporting, some clients need only a couple of financial reports whereas another client may need a binder full of reports. There are also clients that would like to have a monthly face to face financial meeting and there are those whom I have never met. There are no two clients alike and therefore EPC works with each client individually to make sure they have exactly what is needed to run their business.

Each and every client is very important to EPC and the utmost is done to insure their trust in all information regarding their finances. To be the extension of a small business with a variety of business owners, and be able to see a small business grow and know that EPC was an integral part of that growth and success is the reward that Every Penny Counts started out to earn.